Where did the Caron Website go?

From the end of the 2004 to mid 2006, I developed with Dr Rex Eakins a website devoted to the music of the often under-appreciated fifteenth-century composer Caron (musicologists still aren’t absolute sure whether the composer’s first name was Firminus or Philippe, although a recent discovery by Rob C. Wegman firmly favours the former). With a recent update to the University of New England’s content management systems, to our surprise the Caron Website vanished, possibly due to it antiquated HTML format.

Despair not gentle reader. There are plans to resurrect and update the Caron Website in the near future. However, anyone who misses our synthesised recordings of Caron’s music and editions of his music, the entire site has been archived on archive.org.

Of course, there have been some significant recordings of Caron’s music since we embarked upon our website. The Sound and Fury‘s recordings of most of Caron’s works is the most notable, although we would not claim that our website had anything to do with this.

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